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You see the hurts all around and you want to do more. This is your chance to make a difference!

You can go on a local mission trip to help human trafficking survivors heal, build up families for foster care kids or reach deep into the lives of the homeless and young men and women struggling with addiction.

You can get all of your housing, food, custom mission schedule and transportation to outreach events covered for packages starting at only $50 per night! Trips can be as short as one day or as long as two weeks.  And, honestly, you may love it so much you'll never go back!

Come by yourself or grab a friend or a team and sign up here! 



Over 350 people served each year
Prevent, Reunify and Age-out
100 families in case management
20 beds for children aged 0 to 17
10 beds for parent reunification
9 homes for families and singles


Over 250 people served each year
Trauma Informed Care Model
42 beds for girls 11 to 17 years old
34 beds for women 18 to 30 years old
12 beds for infants of survivors
12 beds for young men 18 to 26


Over 700 people served each year
Addiction Behavior Modify Model
120 program beds for adult men
100 emergency beds for adult
80 program beds for adult women
40 transitional beds for adults







You can bring healing to human trafficking survivors, help build families for foster care and reach an entire community of homeless and young people struggling with addiction.

You can join us each week at various Outreach Programs hosted all over the city. You can reach thousands of people through over 120 weekly street, nur
sing home, and human trafficking outreaches. At each outreach precious people of our city receive food, clothing, access to social services, and a message of God's Hope and Love is shared. 

You can also donate or volunteer in numerous Housing Programs which provide housing and programmatic care to over 450 people each night.  You'll see first hand how our housing programs reach people through a Christian-based Life Recovery Program, a Program for Young Women out of Sex Trafficking, an Emergency Family Housing Program, an Affordable Housing Program, a Foster Care Prevention Program and a Foster Care Age-Out Program.


  Each month, you can join over 400 dedicated Volunteers, nearly 120 Staff, and about 15 Employees as we reach out to help the people that we believe God has called us to help. These Employees, Staff and Volunteers are truly some of the most driven, talented, passionate and dedicated workers serving in Ministry Social Service settings today. You will be blessed to serve with a host of missionaries, students, individuals and families serving the community together. 

Truly, God has blessed the Phoenix Dream Center with each of these lives, dedicated and committed to serving Him and to helping His people.


  Foster Care Prevention Story
Annual Impact Report
Human Trafficking Story
  You will be blessed and you'll count it an honor and a privilege to GET to serve some of the most amazing people in our City. Their stories will truly inspire you, amaze you and encourage you that restoration is possible! 


It's easier than you may think to help someone rebuild their life.


Per Month Helps With...
Per Month Helps With...
Per Month Helps With...
               Welcome baskets for new families
             Diapers for new born infants
             School supplies for new families
             Welcome baskets for new intakes
             Recovery costs for new youth
             School supplies for new youth
             Hygiene supplies for new intake
             Education supplies for new intake
             Month of meals for 1 resident
  This is where our finances come from

This is how we spend our finances
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