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Here are some of the amazing things happening at the Phoenix Dream Center!

What Needed Support Looks Like

PDC Administration Department - Friday, September 15, 2017

Praying 2 Times Each Day – Lifts to heaven the cause of some of God’s most precious young people who are working hard to rebuild their lives.

Volunteering 4 Hours Each Month – Will change the life of a young person you teach, mentor or come along side and it will DEFINITELY change your life!

Donating 1 Food Box or Bag of Clothes Each Month – Will help to cause a meal, an interview, a restoration meeting with kids, to be possible for a young family.

Sponsoring 1 Family in Foster Care Prevention at $250 Each Month – Will PREVENT the breakup of a family, the downward spiral of individuals, and the removal of kids into a system that we wish on no one.

Sponsoring 1 Foster Care Youth Each Month at $500 – Will ensure a ride, a bed, clothing and food are always available for Youth Ageing out of Foster Care.

Sponsoring 1 Human Trafficking Survivor’s Recovery Each Month at $900 – Will ensure a young teen girl has a fighting chance to end the nightmare and to begin to dream again for her life.


Brian and Skye Steele


Job Training That Gives Back

PDC Administration Department - Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It’s hard for many of us to imagine the life situations that the people we serve at the Dream Center have had. Childhood abuse and neglect often leading to teen addiction, runaway and homelessness… But think about the recovery side of things for moment.

It’s wonderful, amazing and in most cases an absolute miracle that the people we serve even SURVIVED their situations. Then it’s another act of God’s grace that gets them through the (often) intensive recovery process. But then, imagine what that moment is like when they fill out their first employment application or resume. What do you put in that section that asks, “what have you been doing the last few years…?” What would YOU put in there? How do you explain to a potential employer all that happened to you, the good and the bad?

We’ve got an amazing job training program that seeks to help with just that.

Check out our Thrift Store HERE

Our most recent job training endeavor is our Reclaimed Thrift Store that foremost seeks to provide training ground for our soon-to-graduate people, but also has killer deals on some amazing stuff! (no seriously, you’ve gotta see it to believe it)

Come in, meet some of our graduates who are working hard and learning a new trade at the store. Here at the store they learn that “on-time” means 15 minutes early. That hard work means self-motivation and getting the job done right. That management positions mean servant leadership with humility. And that one day, this path leads of character development will lead to my dream job.

When you Shop, Donate or Volunteer at the Reclaimed Thrift Store you become a part of this amazing journey we are all on at the Phoenix Dream Center. To see people rescued, to see lives restored and to see God’s most amazing potential for their lives be realized.

Shop in and see us today!



Brian and Skye Steele


With Your Help We Can GROW Women's Discipleship

Skye Steele - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We see a lot of different women walk through the doors of the Dream Center.

But there’s one thing they all have in common.

It doesn’t matter if its homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, or human trafficking the root is the same...they need to know that they have purpose in this life and that God has a wonderful plan for their life.

This is why the Dream Center’s Women’s Discipleship Program was established.

The Dream Center Women’s Discipleship Program is a community living program where women are provided three meals a day plus room and board as their lives are changed through the many faith-based programs and services available to them.

We work tirelessly every day teaching women how to turn their lives around. As they learn to relate to God personally...through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and church fellowship...they get a fresh start.

But there’s something on the horizon that’s threatening to put an end to this amazing program.

With your help, we can keep that from happening.

Together we can help more women just like Kelly. She recently completed the Women’s Discipleship Program.

When she was a little girl, Kelly faithfully went to church with her parents every Sunday and Wednesday. To the outside world, they seemed like the ideal Christian family.

But Kelly saw something different.

At church, her family behaved one way, but at home, things were very different.

Within the walls of home, her mother experienced extreme bouts of depression.

Then the unthinkable happened. Her mother attempted suicide. Fortunately, Kelly’s father found her before she died. But the shock of it left Kelly feeling angry and bitter. She felt that her mother wanted to leave her on her own.

Kelly tried to understand, but the feelings of rejection and abandonment drove her to sex and drugs.

The drugs made her forget the pain, but they also led to an immediate addiction. She started exchanging sex for the drugs.

Everyone at home was so focused on her mother’s depression and attempted suicide that they didn’t even seem to notice the dark path she was taking.

In college, she only continued the partying, sleeping around, drinking heavily, and getting even further involved in drug use.

She began stealing from her parents. When they changed the locks on their doors, Kelly moved in with her grandfather where she began stealing money from his safe and tools from his garage to pawn for drug money.

Kelly knew she was causing her family a lot of pain, but she felt trapped.

She was living in motels or her car. In exchange for drugs, she’d let criminals use her car to commit their next crime.

Not knowing where else to go or what to do, Kelly’s parents finally contacted us at the Dream Center. Kelly remembers the exact moment her life changed:

“I was waiting for a call from my drug dealer when the phone rang…

It was the Dream Center.”

The voice on the other end of the phone shared his story with Kelly. Hearing that she was not alone in her fight, Kelly broke down crying and surrendered her pain to the Lord.

Within five days of arriving at the Dream Center and receiving the faith-based help that has saved thousands, Kelly kicked her drug addiction!

Still, she knew she needed to face issues from her past, and one of them was the relationship she had with her mother.

“Through the curriculum of the program and through the church services, I started to really deal with rejection…and started really healing from the pain that I had suffered.”

Over time, as she grew in Christ, Kelly learned to forgive her mother.

Her turnaround was a miracle from God.

Today, she’s working at the Dream Center as a Resident Advisor in the women’s program. She’s helping women, praying with them, and encouraging them.

Now Kelly and her mother have an amazing relationship. She continues to minister to other women at the Dream Center to help them find the same purpose that she discovered.

Kelly’s story is like so many that we hear every day at the Dream Center. It’s a story of redemption. It’s a true testament to the love that God has for each and every one of us.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without the Dream Center Women’s Discipleship Program. But I’m concerned that without the funds needed for this program it won’t be able to help more women like Kelly.

It costs $7,800 for one woman to complete our 52-week program. This covers all their meals and their room and board.

That’s about $150 a week.

And when you see the results in the lives of women like Kelly, you know it’s worth every penny.

We need your help right away.

Limited resources restrict how many women we can bring into the program. When we reach our maximum capacity, we have to turn some women away. It breaks my heart.

We can help more women, but we just need the resources to do it.

With your support, more women can overcome their addictions.

With your support, more women can be lifted out of depression.

With your support, more women can find a “hope and a future” in Jesus Christ.

Your gift of $50, $100, or $500 is taking them by the hand and pulling them out of emptiness and despair.

Your gift gives them hope.

Support the Dream Center Women’s Discipleship Program today and help women just like Kelly find freedom in Jesus and live the abundant life He came to give them.


Brian and Skye Steele


When God Does The Extraordinary

PDC Administration Department - Saturday, August 05, 2017

Once, in every great little while, at an otherwise ordinary place, among an otherwise ordinary people, through a set of very seemingly ordinary situations, God does something extraordinary.

Our extraordinary Dream was to find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it in Phoenix. We began doing this in 2006, and today our Dream is impacting the lives of over 36,000 people each month through outreach and housing 450 people each night in recovery programs. Our heart to serve people in our City is best shown in two ways; through our Outreach Programs and through our Housing Programs. 





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