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  In Arizona, the number of opioid-related deaths in the last four years has increased by 74 percent. On June 5th, 2017 Governor Doug Ducey declared a state-wide public health emergency.
Arizona Department of Health Services 2017

Here's how we are combating Addiction in the State of Arizona

The road to complete recovery and life restoration certainly involves detox facilities, and while that’s absolutely a necessary part of recovery, it’s not what we are focused on. We’ve found that the days, weeks months and years after the 30 day detox are where the long term strides are made for complete life restoration. Our safe housing model for people in Christian Discipleship Life Recovery involves a tightly scheduled routine with high levels of accountability to help individuals grow in the disciplines of a healthy life. Strict wake up times, work out regiments, class times and volunteer hours are all a necessary part of growing these disciplines.
Our Christian Discipleship Life Recovery Program centers around a healthy expression of the Christian faith while drawing on the power of Christ to help in overcoming some of the most challenging addictions that our young people have ever faced. Classes are bible based and seek to provide a foundation upon which the residents can build a new and sober life. Pastoral Nurture and Chaplaincy Care is available to all residents and a genuine environment of God’s love and power is cultivated from the leadership of the campus. Daily classes focus on renewing the mind and freeing it from old habits and addictions that have often plagued our residents before they sought help.
From 9am to 4pm most days our Christian Discipleship Life Recovery Program runs Christ-centered life recovery classes that are geared toward life recovery. Many of the classes offer an entry level perspective on biblical principles and truths but some classes delve deep into Spiritual Warfare, Celebrate Recovery and Living an Overcoming Life in Christ. While the education itself is important and is taught by powerful, expert teachers, very often the disciplines of attending class on time, processing the homework, participating in class activities are all actually an exercise in the “rewiring” of the mind setting it free from an addiction thought cycle which we’ve found to be key to the long term sustaining of a person’s sobriety.
While individuals are in our Christian Discipleship Life Recovery Program it’s important to their long term success that we equip them with career training experience. Our program has mandatory volunteer and career development hours around the campus and residents learn things like showing up on time, how to interview for a position, how to interact with others on the job, how to interact with a supervisor and how to learn new trade skills outside of what they may already know. This time spend working in the kitchen, maintenance, landscaping or construction areas also gives them experience they can list on a resume when they are at a point in the program where they are ready to find employment.
We believe education is key to our Christian Discipleship Life Recovery Program and we’re proud to offer GED and High school Education programs right on campus. Extended ministry training with degrees in Christian Leadership and Chaplaincy Certifications are also available for graduates of our program. And with community education partners like Grand Canyon University our graduates have several options to expand their education in either a trade or professional setting.
We’re proud to report that our 2017 Quality Assurance Report showed that program graduates had a 84% Success Rate that held for at least one year after they completed the program. We measure 15 variables in 3 key areas of life to determine our success rate. This rate came by way of a 43% program completion rate, a 36% transfer to higher level of care rate, and a 21% drop out / relapse rate.


It's easier than you may think to help someone in our Addiction Recovery Program to rebuild their life.

Per Month Helps With...
Per Month Helps With...
Per Month Helps With...
               Hygiene supplies for new intake
             Education supplies new intake
             Month of meals for one resident
             Essential supplies for new intake
             Programming care for 1 resident
             Housing costs for 1 resident
             Essential supplies for room of 4
             Housing costs for room of 4
             Programing costs for room of 4

Your gift will change a life in the Christian Recovery Program

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